Nike Negorin
Gender Male

Town of Origin Unknown
Weaponry No specific weapon

Nike (Full name: Nike Negorin, real name Nike Paumera) was Shade's servant on the island of Indelatra.



Nike is cunning, able to take advantage of opportune moments and his opponents' weaknesses. He is also a good actor, shown by his ability to fool Shade into thinking that he was his loyal servant. Cold and merciless, he lives solely for power, and will do anything to obtain it.




Aqua engages him in a duel to the death at Agylio. After she destroys the castle, Nike appears before her and converses with her shortly before they begin their duel. He hides his shock when Sakabato appears before Aqua, but she picks up on it anyways. As more of the Demonis Siblings' weapons appear, Nike decides to destroy their gems, but it is futile as the weapons appear before he can smash them. With her siblings' weapons by her side, Aqua easily overpowers Nike. However, before he can be killed with the last two weapons, she destroys them, sparing his life.

Nike laughs off her mercy and tries to kill her with one last blast. Although she hits him with her arrow, she is unable to stop the blast. He fails to kill her, however, as Kisara takes the blast for Aqua. With Rayne's power in her arrow, she hits him in the chest, then kills him with another arrow to the head.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

High Intellect:



Notable QuotesEdit

  • "Sir, you are the Demonis Warlord. It would be unnatural for you to do anything other than kill those whom you wish to kill." -Nike, to Shade after the latter loses his second Game to H
  • "Are you stupid? This isn't some vendetta! This is about power! You have it and I want it! I strive to be the strongest and I will reach my goal by any means." -Nike, to Aqua before engaging in their duel